Best Budget Camcorder with Flip Screen - ORDRO-HDR AC7

ORDRO-HDR- AC7- budget vlogging camera
Sensor: High-sensitivity CMOS 5.0 MP sensor(Max. 24 MP)
Screen: IPS Flip Screen
Image Stabilization: SuperRange Optical
Zoom: 10x Optical
Video: 4K/60fps
Record Limit: Up to 2 hours when recording in 1080p at 35Mb/s
Connectivity: Mini-HDMI (Type C) and USB 2.0 Mini-AB output
Battery Life:120mins
Weight: 305 g (including battery, memory card, and grip belt)
The ORDRO HDR-AC7 fits the description of the best YouTube camera under $200. It’s a superb camcorder that features a lightweight and portable design to complement the lifestyle of on-the-go vloggers.

These features allow it to deliver Full HD video recording with natural colour even in dimly-lit conditions. The sensor has been designed with an on-chip noise reduction technology that enhances the image and footage clarity in every frame.

Our favourite feature in this camera is its powerful 10x Advanced (Optical) Zoom range that provides for a seamless long-range shooting experience. It’s a feature that will appeal to holiday-makers, sports enthusiasts, and budget travellers. Especially those looking to capture animals in the wild, birds, fast-paced sports action, or document family events.

An affordable and easy-to-use camcorder with a touchscreen LCD flip-out screen.
Captures vivid, noise-free videos and photos, even in dark situations. Optical Image Stabilizer that quickly corrects camera shakes across the zoom range.

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