Discover the endless possibilities of ORDRO EP7

The "ORDRO EP7" head-mounted wearable camera that captures images at the same height as the line of sight and closest to the human field of vision was born. With 4K pixels / image stabilization / AF / HDR function and all other functions of the camera!

Stunning 4K / 60fps! Smooth and ultra-high-definition

It is capable of shooting at a speed of 60fps, without sacrificing the highest image quality 4K, it will not give up fluency.

Although in the video, but it has all the details and smooth the memory of what you see, if it happens in front of you the same.

It is equipped with auto-focus lens for clues to the principles of human eye development, autofocus when shooting.
Even at only 10 cm from the proximity or distance of 1.5 m, it can also auto-focus, clear image without blur. You may be able to shoot various scenes with bold distances and create an unprecedented image.

HDR contrast brightness
And gain control by flash "bright portion" and "dark portion" to prevent exposure of the HDR function test is also effective. Even in backlit environments safe. You can create a beautiful light and dark images.

Free hands shooting style
Headset "ORDRO EP7" shooting can be worn on the head, hands free so that you can always shoot. Greatly reducing the burden of the arms, hands can be used simultaneously to complete the lifelike image. Please enjoy various shooting styles only hands free to complete.

Light weight, mini size
All functions are concentrated in only a small size of 94 * 23 * 27cm. The camera body weight 55g, plus accessories weighs only 79g, so it will not top-heavy use, the ears will not hurt. You can shoot a stable first-person angle of view with ultra-high image quality in a natural state without burdening anyone.

With remote control
No complex setup or operation, simply press the power button on the remote control, it will automatically connect to the "ORDRO EP7" host. Ensure that the operating distance of 3m, with just one button operation can be easily remotely controlled.

Check the hands and working status accurately when working.

For record results in the important work of quality assurance.

Using data recorded smoothly shared server management information.

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Q: How long can you shoot with anytime ?

A: It is possible to shoot for up to 170 minutes with a full charge of about 2.5 hours.

Q: Is it possible to shoot at 60fps in FHD?

A: 60fps shooting is also possible with FHD.

Q: Why is the mass a little heavier than the previous work?

A: "ORDRO EP7" has more functions than the previous work "ORDRO EP6", so it is heavier. Please understand.

Q: Is it possible to use it like a network camera?

A: It can also be used as a network camera. When connected to a computer with a USB connection cable, it will be recognized by the computer as a WEB camera, and you can distribute images from this unit and use it for WEB calls and conference calls.

Q: Can I watch the recorded video on my smartphone?

A: If you use the app, you can easily view it from your smartphone.

Q: Is there a product warranty?

A: We have a one-year warranty period. We will repair or replace the product after paying the shipping fee for defective products in use according to the instruction manual. Please check the warranty for details.

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