Recommended ORDRO 4K Camcorders and Video Cameras for Vlogging

 ORDRO Video Camera For the Beginner

Vlogging (a funny sounding word combining “video” and “blogging,” and not to be confused with the homonym “flogging”), is all the rage these days. And while you could save some money and passably sustain a decent vlog using the ORDRO camcorder built into your smartphone, at a certain point stepping up to a dedicated camcorder can really boost the quality of the videos for your vlog. Since so many people are involved in the “vlogosphere,” having good production values can help set your videos apart, helping you attract an audience. So, with which ordro video camera do you start out?


The “Jack-of-All-Trades” Option

ORDRO HDR- AZ50 4K Ultra Camcorder is an excellent place to start, for just about anyone. It’s affordable, and it offers high-quality 4K video at up to 30 frames per second (fps) and even a slow time-motion mode. A 64x zoom lens gives you many framing and perspective options when composing your shots. This video camera is a great starter because when you are ready to introduce a greater degree of exposure and aesthetic control into your content, an easily accessible microphone is located at the front of the camera. A microphone input is also available for when you decide to take the step up into dedicated audio equipment. Accessories such as LED light  and shotgun microphones offer much improved audio quality over the camera’s built-in microphone . When you’re finished recording, videos are stored in the MP4 format to ubiquitous SD cards. This way they will work with PC and Mac in most editing applications. In the interest of quick uploading, untouched MP4 files will work with most video hosting services, such as YouTube and Vimeo, right out of the camera.


If you have the funds, getting the ORDRO HDR-AZ50 will give you a setup to tackle nearly any kind of vlog you want to make, whether it’s documentary-style on the streets or in the studio. Owning one video camera is usually sufficient for most blogs, but aspiring to own more than one isn’t too bad, either!

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