ORDRO Brave 1 sport cameras 4K UHD: Review

The Ordro Brave1 is a motion camera made in China, whose manufacturing operations are well-known around the world.
In some extreme temperatures around the world, adventurers have a hard time finding a waterproof sports camera that can withstand high temperatures while still working reliably.
Ordro brand's latest product, the Brave1 sports camera, is the first generation of developed products
Does Brave1 deliver on all its promises and more?
Given that competitors GoPro and DJI have similar products, is the price above $150 worth it?


Open the box

First, let's see what's inside the box.
Ordro has been praised for packaging Brave as environmentally friendly and compact.
The box contains a Brave1 motion camera, various cables, instructions and a 32GB microSD card.


The Design

Brave 1 is designed to be simple and reliable and has been tested and used.
It is equipped with a high-definition touch screen
Almost everything can be downloaded and connected to the device through iOS and Android apps.
Side buttons and ports are easy to use.


Build quality

water proof cameras

When you first pick up the Ordro Brave1, it is very textured, very nice to the hand, and has a frosted design.
Just because it's only 57g, its light weight doesn't mean it lacks anything.
The quality of the building feels very solid.
Made of sturdy ABS plastic, it doesn't look or feel cheap.
Deliver a waterproof design housing.Very unexpected.


Ports & Cables
On the right side of the device, you have a micro USB port, HIMD HD port.
MicroSD card slot.

ordro brave 1 sport cameras USB output  
All of the cables you’ll need are provided in the box and are plenty long. You shouldn’t have any issues with cable length when installing.
Front facing camera

BRAVE 1 has a 120-degree wide-angle lens.
All your bases will be covered by a 120-degree view.
Built-in SONY 1300 degree CMOS sensor, support 4K / 60FPS resolution picture quality.The camera also features Gimbal Stabilization, which improves the picture quality without blurring the image due to shaking.
And, in my opinion, Ordro's Brave1 sports camera offers an IPS high-definition touch screen that is easy to use
This is a good shot for the rear camera.

Storage capacity

The dashcam comes with a 32GB microSD to help you get started.
Fortunately, it can support up to 258B microSD.
This may be far more than you need.
However, similar products often limit the storage capacity of SD cards to 64GB or 128GB, and they are praised for it.
Waterproof design housing
It provides a waterproof casing so you don't have to worry about damaging the camera when diving or undersea operations
Other useful accessories
Complimentary memory card reader at your disposal
Complimentary 2 batteries, greatly reduce the trouble of running out of electricity.
Eventually determine
Brave does have some problems.
Resolution can be improved and recorded at 60fps, while Android apps can take advantage of major updates.
All Sony sensors, stop/safety modes and safety features work 100%.
It's reassuring to know that this dashcam will never let me down.
The Brave1 is the most complete motion camera you can buy today.
If you're looking for an easy-to-use dashcam with all the safety features that are easy to set up, don't ask for anything.
If you are not afraid of wires and want the latest technology and connectivity, Brave 1 will provide it.
At $179.99, it's an expensive investment.
If reliability and peace of mind are your top priorities, then the Ordro Brave1 is worth it.

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