How Do Night Vision Cameras Work?

     Long time no see, friends, my weekly blog has been updated again, I miss you very much.I'll show you an excellent night vision.

    Of course, I'm sure you will miss Ordro very much. This may be my fantasy, but Ordro will be very happy to bring you better products. This time we are going to launch a video cameras and accessories, portable infrared night vision lights.

     Most security cameras come with night vision, which allow them to still see things even if it’s pitch black outside. But how does it work?

    If you don't know what night vision is, then you've probably at least seen one of those ghost-hunting TV shows with night vision scenes -- the black and white or black and white images are too clear.

ORDRO LN-3 Infrared Night Vision Light Lamp USB Rechargeable IR LED Light


     Many surveillance cameras use the same night-vision technology, which can capture images even when it's dark.Infrared night vision puts light in places that our eyes can't see

     There are two different types of night vision on the market: the one used by most security cameras.The second is for night vision gogglesThe most common type used by most security cameras is infrared (IR) night vision, which relies on infrared light.

    If you've ever looked at the front of a security camera, you've probably noticed that it's covered in a few small LED bulbs.

ORDRO LN-3 Infrared Night Vision Light Lamp USB Rechargeable IR LED Light

    This is infrared light, and when it's dark, these lights turn on and act as floodlights, blocking the camera's view with infrared light.

     Infrared is actually completely invisible to the naked eye.So it doesn't look like there's a bright light coming in from the outside, but in fact, you can't see it with your eyes.

     In addition, night vision lenses from Ordro infrared night vision lamps always look black and white, because the human eye is better able to distinguish black and white than other colors, such as red or blue.

Because of this, most night vision cameras switch to a monochrome filter, making it easier for us to see the image.

   The infrared night vision lamp we provide is to emit infrared light at night or at night to provide a clear picture of the environment, but the effect of black and white

ORDRO LN-3 Infrared Night Vision Light Lamp USB Rechargeable IR LED Light

   From Ordro LN-3 infrared night vision light, with 20 light beads can take good pictures at night, usually security cameras may only have 10 light beads, so LN-3 infrared night vision light is better.
In addition, in the case of so many lamps, it can reach the working time of 2.5 hours. It has super battery life function and can be charged as easily as a mobile phone. It uses a micro USB interface.
    Ordro LN-3 infrared night vision light can be matched with many brands in the market such as Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Samsung and other cameras or camcorders, with a wide range of adaption.Because it supports cold shoe bracket.

ORDRO LN-3 Infrared Night Vision Light Lamp USB Rechargeable IR LED Light

    You can get it for the price of a cup of coffee, which I think is a good deal.
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