ORDRO EP7 First Person View 4K Camcorder

    The EP7 camcorder is a feature-packed compact  camcorder that can get you into shooting 4K 30p for around $220. It's small enough to fit in a lunchbox, yet it has enough features that themselves wanting for much.

    The ORDRO EP7  Mini camcorder is a portable head-mounted Camcorder with 4K picture quality, Sony sensors and the ability to take photos and record at any time.

     At first , it has the function of WiFi. It can download OD Cam APP to transfer files and share them on social media such as Facebook, Instagram,YouTube, etc,which saves a lot of time.

      Second, this 4k camcorder is to obtain the advantages of the first-person shooting effect, it and the human eye to see, when you wear the EP7, don't need to worry about miss the scenery, can be photographed or recorded at any time and place, and when you made the action of take out a cellular phone, then you've missed your beautiful scenery and left a regret.

     Third, no matter in any scene, free your hands, cooking, baking, sculpting art, fishing and many other sports, without having to put down the tools in your hands can be 4K quality video content.

     Fourth, 1000mAh battery capacity, super standby function, can not only keep the video recording at any time, can also achieve recording while charging.
And EP7 4K camcorder is only 360G to wear at any time. It is small and light, which greatly improves work efficiency.

     Fifth, EP7 FPV camcorder  has built-in Gimbal anti-shake. When people want to move the camera, the image quality will not be affected by the movement of the human body. This built-in Gimbal anti-shake function is very necessary, and it is an important factor in determining the quality of video.

    At last, I would say that if you want to start out as a quality vlogger, you can buy a quality camcorder, such as the Ordro EP7 head-mounted Mini Camera, which is right here, you can get a great value camcorder for the price of a camcorder accessory, and a great price.
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