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Mostly great - but audio is very boomy and clips - needs toning down. Stabilisation is OK but could be better - not as good as a gopro. Can still be quite shaky when walking.

Amazing product

Good build quality, nice finish, good ir light and powerfull. It is shipped fom China so beware of the fees at customs and postal office


Very pleased with the actual unit, I mainly use it for video and very pleased with the quality and the stabilization, although in low light the image does get a bit noisy. Night vision is pretty good too. Battery has a long life which is great and the camera came with a memory card already installed. The rotatable monitor and camera are an excellent addition with the ability to shoot portrait or landscape. Sound quality from the built-in microphone is good and the various built in functions and filters are a nice touch. My only gripe is that it is advertised as having a gimbal - which it doesn't. Not a deal breaker for me as the stabilization works fine, just a bit disappointing that it doesn't have an actual gimbal. Comes in a good quality case with usb charging lead. Would have given five stars if there had been a gimbal as advertised.

ORDRO CM530 Stereo Microphone

good service


This little toy is pure genius light as a feather perfect shape to be able to fasten it right underneath the bill of your baseball cap. GoPro eat your heart out

EP8 and my surgery

Thanks for your Ep8camcord. I am using this product to record and review my surgical skills.

Never received item

Never received the item so have no way of reviewing

Smart Watch MK10
Michael Orieny

Am still stuck even setting the clock is a problem kindly send me a reading manual in English can’t set this smartphone

Bon produit

Produits conformes à la commande, bien emballés et délai de livraison correct. Utilisé depuis 15 jours, impeccable.

ORDRO 0.39X Wide Angle Lens

Value for Money

One of our photographers has been using an Ordoro camcorder for 2 trouble free years so it was an easy decision to try CM520 mic. Early days, but so far it has exceeded expectations

Great product

Good carrying case that could contain perfectly my ordro EP7 and all the accessoires

EP7 EP6 Series Built-In Parts
Julijus Lozoraitis

Perfect item, fast shipping, fine communication, good price - thank you!

New ORDRO EP8 FPV Wearable Action 4K POV Camcorder Vlog Camera for Youtuber Cam

Great Price, Creat Camcorder Set!

Don't be deceived about this offer; I know what you're thinking, "This offer looks way too good to be true," but it's not! Everything you need for your Camcorder hobbies is right here in this package! This is a perfect set to get for any video recording hobbyist, or any beginner! The set does come with everything you need, including two rechargeable batteries for the video camera. If you want to get another charger, I would recommend it, just to have an extra one for faster charging methods. But, aside from that, it's all here in one large package! I would recommend you purchase one of the large well-built tripods from either Wal-Mart or Best Buy. Or if Ordro has one on their website then just get it there. The 4K HD is amazing for such a small camera! And yes, the night vision does work and work well! Like I said before, perfect for any amateur videographer or professional, and perfect for beginners too! I'm not sure how to make the WiFi or Webcam feature work yet, so I'll have to sit down and read the manual for more info.

Welcome to the FUTURE.

super action cam,great idea,good price good quality,serious seller in official web site,thank you so much.

great device

i am very happy with device. my instagram : drmubariz

Highly recommended

Very fair price for some outstanding technology. Thank you!

ORDRO HDV-V12 Video Camera Camcorder Digital Youtube Vlogging Camera Recorder with IR Night Vision Light

Jeremie English

Good job!!

I am stunned

I just received my EP8 today, and I am stunned how fast a quick it was to setup and the quality of the picture, I love it.

But one thing, it says hdmi access, but there isn’t one, but either way I am happy and content, it’s probably not going to be the first time I buy from this website 😃

New ORDRO EP8 FPV Wearable Action 4K POV Camcorder Vlog Camera for Youtuber Cam

Great device, comes in more than handy

I'm a technology specialist and often find myself working on a server with the support team. During such times, I used to use my cell phone to "stream" the work so the provider can see what I am doing but it's a pain to hold the phone. Now I just plug the Ordro EP6+ into my laptop and use Teams to stream my work, hands free allows me to work effortlessly. I chose the EP6+ because it had all the features I needed at a pretty affordable price. I am very impressed with it, it was a great purchase, so much so, our office is considering giving all the techs a partial reimbursement if they pick one of these up. I had some issues attaching to the app but figured it out and Ordro has great support. Yep, it's a staple in my tool kit!

Quality was optimal!
But the delivery takes long time.