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One of the best actions cameras i bought

really good device and does the job of being an fpv camera ., will probably order another one soon ., Seller is accomodating and really knows customer service

Camera improvement-humidity problem

Really lke the product. There is a big problem with humidity entering the camera unit through the earpiece tunnel. Condensation forms inside the cover lense and records distorted/damaged pictures and recordings. They are cloudy and unusable. I placed a piece of plastic wrap over the sound hole and under the rubber ear hole cover to keep out any outside moisture. perhaps you should provide a new new part for customers or make a product change.

Video Recording Does Not Work

I ordered the camera through Walmart and it was shipped from UR Best Choice (China). I installed a 256 gig U3 SD card and went thru the setup. The camera would take pictures but when pressing the video record button, nothing happens. The green light does not flash and the camera does not record. I contacted Ordro and their suggestion was to reset the camera. I started the return process through Walmart but have a feeling I will get nowhere with this.

good product

received the colis very fast and good condition thank a lot

Fantastic Upgrade to the EP7

During the initial peak pandemic I bought an EP7 and was happy with the form factor, input controls and overall fit and finish of the device. The video quality left me wanting a bit more, but I was happy with my purchase and saw potential in the platform especially as there seems to be absolutely no viable competitor (out of box). The ep8 improves on the EP7 where it mattered to me: Video quality and overall performance. It is now totally usable indoors under varied lighting conditions without the emergence of overwhelming artifacts and noise in the shadow areas and grossly clipped highlights in high contrast situations. I use this type on device on set and location working with models and talent as a review device for shoots. While I don't need GoPro level features and image quality, it's great to see it getting closer with each iteration. If you just need evidence the EP7 is perfectly adequate and I'll continue to use it along with my EP8 as a back up unit. The EP8 makes for a less dated looking video experience and I would buy again and recommend with confidence. Follow and like my work on @alterlematrix via Instagram

Best vlog camera

The fuselage is very small and exquisite, with a variety of shooting methods, it is also convenient to take out, the recorded video is clear, and the price is the best.

Excellent body cam

Quality of video is perfect. High bit rate and good quality mic audio. Recommended for all general purposes. Fits well and easy adjustments can be made. Easy to use.

ORDRO HDR-AC7 This model is very good,

ORDRO HDR-AC7 This model is very good, suitable for the price. just the functions It has to be developed to be on par with more advanced competitors. especially the app connected to mobile in live streaming Will have to add many more buttons. Can press pause and can zoom left-right in the touch screen in the mobile phone All in all excellent But need to develop more...

Hi sir

Thank you very much for your evaluation, you are satisfied with our products, we are very happy, we will collect a lot of your comments and feedback and work hard to improve our products, I wish you all the best.


Rapporto qualità prezzo molto buono. Consiglio l'acquisto di prodotti ORDRO

ORDRO EP7 FPV Wearable Action 4K POV Camcorder (Best Combination)+ Free USB Charger + Free Card reader

It's a creative birthday present

Bought it as a birthday present for my husband. He likes to ride out and play. This wear can record the scenery along the way. After using it, he is very satisfied.

The video was shot at 4K 60 fps.

I have tried various gopro lookalikes and pocket pencams but nothing comes anywhere near the usability and picture quality of this camera. The pictures are clear, but most of all rock steady (its worn like a pair of glasses) so you get a movie that really is a record of what you have seen.

Very well built camera and 5 star service

I used to film the scene while my partner is driving using the hand held stabilizer. Got car sick every single time. No I could put this on my partner's head and enjoy the scenery.
In addition, I have to say that the customer service is very good, the response time is very fast, if there is any problem, it will be solved in time for you, which is great

A compact head-mounted camera

Small and exquisite, easy to hold. Wearing it on the head doesn't feel anything, and it won't get tired after using it for a long time. It's much easier to use than a handheld camera. The anti-shake effect is really good. I wear it when I go for a bike ride, and I turn on the video recording function along the way. When I take a break, I connect to the mobile app to see the shooting effect. I am very satisfied. The picture is very stable and smooth. I am really satisfied.

I've been in the hospital and have not had the chance to use it yet!

EP7 Meets all my expectations

Device arrived yesterday (19 days in transit). I'm very impressed so far. Excellent user manual in English - well worth reading it through. All the items specified were supplied. Video quality is great apart from low light situations but that will be a problem for me. The phone app works exactly as outlined and is easy to use (I'm using an Android phone). I do my editing in Davinci Resolve and it had no issue with the files created by the EP7. The fit of the unit works fine even though I wear glasses. The unit seems to get hot but I assume that's within the design spec so overall 5 starts from me.

Very odd size battery that can only be purchased from ORDRO

Batteries are fine, the fact that we can only purchase it from ORDRO stinks because we are at their mercy as to the price and the long delivery period.

1st class service

Arrived in good shape and does what it says it will do.

Great deal for the price. Works great for the kids. Helps them learn photography.

Excellent cameras for streaming applications

We purchased four of these for use in streaming community sports competitions and they've been fantastic. We purchased two more to add to our stock for events as a result. The wide angle lenses make the particularly useful.

ORDRO 4K WiFi Digital Video Camera AC3 Ultra HD 60FPS Infrared Camcorder With 30X Digital Zoom & IR Remote Controlled

Beginners camcorder

He loves it

How to deactivate the noise reduction filter in hdr-ac5 4k ?

I would like to know how the noise reduction filter is deactivated in the hdr-ac5 4k camcorder, since it is very aggressive and generates poor quality audio.
Is there an update or any method?

Attached a test comparing audios in the same scene


I have not received my order yet to give a review

Dear customer, hello
Your order has been delivered on December 16, thank you very much for your reply