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und eine bestimmte Anzahl von Followern haben, holen Sie sich unsere Anerkennung,

Wir sind bereit, kostenlose Muster zur Überprüfung bereitzustellen.
Solange Ihnen unsere Produkte gefallen
Wir begrüßen Markenpromoter, die an Produkten interessiert sind, sich ORDRO anzuschließen


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Hi there, I’m an internet TV and social media platform entrepreneur. I’m starting recording documentaries and product promotions for my business channel in soonest and I intend the cover companies with quality products, established market leaders. It’ll be lovely to join the Ordro Brand ambassadors or partners program. I’m equally using mostly ORDRO products. Thanks.

Tel.: 1WWW iVLOG TV.

Ignatius Januar 06, 2023

Pls see my promo of ordro in action with 3 minute YuouTube movie made for remote real time diagnostics of technical installations.
Is this what you mean with Brand promotor?
I have bought an EP7, EP7 pro and EP8.

Andre Filet September 19, 2022

Good morning, I’m an italian youtuber. My channel is multi thematic, but mainly it’s on tech reviews and sports.
I made lots of reviews of cameras and lens.
Are you interested in reviews of your products? Can we collaborate?

Thank you very much, I’ll attach all the links down here.

Official web site:
Alessio Marta
Torino (TO)

Alessio April 28, 2022

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