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ORDRO AX60 3.5 Inch IPS Touch Screen 4K Video Cameras Kit

Quality Camera, used for Professional presentation '

An excellent accompaniment

ORDRO Lens Hood
Michael Fraser

Very happy with the Lens hood as with my new Ep8

ORDRO CM520 Microphone Camcorder

Video Camera 4K Camcorder Ultra HD 28MP 64X Digital Zoom Camera for YouTube IR Light Live Streaming Wifi Camera ORDRO HDR-AZ50

Received well packed quickly

So enjoy every thing was perfect thanks

Works good. Happy with the camera

I'm using the camera while riding my electrical unicycle. Designed and 3D printed fixture for it. So far no issues, it works great. Light and robust.

Ordro 7

When filming a video, it gets surprisingly warm for 1/2 hour, why?


Excellent service ,would highly recommend

Best Portable Video Camera

Hands-Free and easy to use. I love it. Wish I would have bought one sooner. And I love the clarity of the 4k videos and the in-app features that make editing and sharing videos so easy that I don’t even need a computer. The Ordro EP8 is definitely worth the money, trust me, you’ll thank me later.

batteria e carica batteria perfettamente funzionante grazie


Purchased the ORDRO EP8 after the battery in my EP6 puffed and couldn't be replaced.
The EP8 has 4K @ 60FPS which is great. The gimbal on the camera also provides steady footage.
The EP6 had good volume on the instructions for turning On/Off, WiFi selection, and states of the camera.
The EP8 seems to have these voice announcements missing, of so quiet as to be inaudible. But there is no options to change the playback volume for these announcements.
I also have Mobius cameras, and the control software for these are truly excellent. The Ordro config settings are rudimentary in comparison.
The reason I have bought the Ordro is for a wearable camera to record LOS RC flights
The camera works well, but I wish the configuration was more adaptable, such as volumes and video sharpness / contrast etc.

Need higher quality output

Camera Functions well. However I do not get the 4k quality I was expecting once I view downloaded clips on my laptop. Setting are at 4k 30 fsp. Am I overlooking a setting that’s reducing the quality? Downloaded videos appear grainy, artificially sharpened.

Camera battery

Hard battery to find and they get them to me asap. thank you

The wonderful Ordro Ep6 plus

This Ordro Ep6 plus is wonderful camera and useful kit for sharing your experience through video live,
I recommend for other who estime to find out the experience

Thank you for your support, customers

There is nothing wrong with your choice, one of the best at this price, and we will continue to work hard to do better

Exciting and unique product

Just recd this product. Nothing else like it and best point of view camera with awesome remote. I look forward to practicing and sharing my birds eye point of view of work and adventures.
And great helpful people with any questions or issues.
I look forward to many years of ordro cameras in my vlogs


Actually I did not use it yet , but from YouTube videos I can say it is awesome

Works well with the remote

When you press the video button to record the camera changes the video mode. On several occasions I had to trash my recordings because it switched to vertical mode and I didn’t know it. Better off using the remote. If there is a way to indicate what mode you’re in that would be great.

Thank you very much for customer feedback

We will continue to work hard to improve and inform engineers of your suggestions for future improvements

So far so good but I only used it once.

The first time I used the camera I had trouble getting the video started, but it works well with the hand-held remote.

We will try to do better, thank you very much for your support

Great POV Camera

Stable app and wifi connection. Good UI interface of app. I hope optical zoom, not digital zoom, for the future device!!

We are very happy to get the satisfaction of our customers and we will continue to work hard to do better

Simply the best!

Wonderful cam, wonderful team, thank you so much!!

You're welcome, this is the service we should do, it's my pleasure

One of the best actions cameras i bought

really good device and does the job of being an fpv camera ., will probably order another one soon ., Seller is accomodating and really knows customer service

You are welcome, this is the service we should do, my pleasure
Looking forward to your next order.

Camera improvement-humidity problem

Really lke the product. There is a big problem with humidity entering the camera unit through the earpiece tunnel. Condensation forms inside the cover lense and records distorted/damaged pictures and recordings. They are cloudy and unusable. I placed a piece of plastic wrap over the sound hole and under the rubber ear hole cover to keep out any outside moisture. perhaps you should provide a new new part for customers or make a product change.

We are very grateful for your valuable opinions. We will collect and inform our engineers about the opinions of our customers and improve them in the future. Thank you very much for your support and encouragement. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

good product

received the colis very fast and good condition thank a lot

You're welcome, this is what we do