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ORDRO 1.4m Camera Tripod

Hello sir,
To date I have not received the goods: ORDRO HDR-AZ50 64X Digital Zoom WiFi Camcorder Kit × 1 and ORDRO 1.4m Camera Tripod × 1.
But I think the goods are good.

Honestly not bad for a non canon camera

A bit pricey for an off brand camera, but it does what I paid for. I plan on using this for youtube and streaming and its a lot better than the streaming cam I originally have and ofc better than a web cam. All the accessories are very high quality and easy to set up. Camera itself is made of light weight plastic however, but the glass screen and lens are fine. Over all a pretty decent camera for streaming/recording.

Very satisfied

Lost the remote. Was able to get new one and arrived quicker than expected!

Was very impressed

This 2.7k video cam recorder is nice and easy to use easy to navigate features of the camera the night vision is AWESOME!!! And picture Quality is unmatched I took it out to my hunting property and did some night videoing and wow just wow. The clearest night vision I’ve see in a small camera lets me tell you I am very impressed with the camera.
I HIGHY recommend this cam recorder

Great Beginner Cam!

1. This is a very reasonably priced option for beginners, or someone looking for an additional camcorder suitable for shooting in conditions where if this breaks it won't break their bank account.

2. The extra battery is a nice touch and you'll need it if you plan to shoot in 1080p. You'll kill each battery in around 1 hour 8 minutes if you shoot in 1080p.

3. This is very light in the hand and easy to handle.

4. The user interfaces in terms of menus and modes are very easy to navigate.

5. Stability feature performs well in most situations.

6. Video quality is very reasonable for this price range.

7. Low light video is good for this level of camcorder.

ORDRO HDV-Z20 16X Digital Zoom Video Cameras Kit
Great Camcorder for price

My daughter loves her new camcorder. As she starts her new venture on future YouTube Kids sensation, I don't have to worry about spending a lot on a camera that may not last long. The wide-angle is great with the added frame helps her to stay focused on what she is filming. She loves the microphone look, and it sounds great in playback.

ORDRO HDV-Z20 16X Digital Zoom Video Cameras Kit

I was honestly surprised the quality of this camera. This was bought for my son who is in elementary school but interested in film making. This is a perfect intro camera and is perfect for him! He is making small videos with this camera with his friends and we plan to purchase a few more for the kids. Great quality, comes with everything you'll need except the SD card but you can purchase your own on here as well.

Portable mini camera

Ideal camera for day to day home use. Love it’s size and how easy to use it. When going to park with kids, it’s easy to grab and capture quality time. Due to its small and slime design it fits perfectly to my jacked pocked , even with its protective cover.
On size perspective and day to day use it’s ideal. It’s not as big as my professional camera and doesn’t have many affect functions as on other one. However it’s good for day to day fast use, very practical.
Display menu touch screen and 3” wide, easy to choose and amend menu using touch menu.
Came with 2 slime batteries and remote control. On home use can be set as webcam to my smart tv or pc.
Overall really practical day to day use mini camera with sharp picture quality.

Tamaño mini con buena calidad

buscaba una camara de video de las clasicas pero con prestaciones buenas para hacer videos para internet y esta cumple bien con lo que queria. Ademas, el tamaño mini que tiene es genial porque puedes llevarla en cualquier lado, ademas te incluye una funda que la protege muy bien sin posibilidad de que se lleve golpes o arañazos.
La calidad de video es bastante buena, puedes ajustarla para que ocupe mas o menos espacio en la tarjeta segun necesites. El zoom digital tambien esta bien para algunos planos más cercanos. Incluye tambien un mando a distancia por si tienes que usarla para hacer video selfies por ejemplo, ademas de todos los cables. Es positivo tambien que incluye 2 baterias por lo que dificilmente te quedaras sin bateria a lo largo del trabajo. Se cargan rapido y dura bastante.
La recomiendo, me ha gustado por su buena calidad y ademas su precio es bastante razonable.

Thankk For All


For the price it is impeccable, very accessible.

Regarding the order, delivery and customer contact nothing to complain about, it's pleasant to see warm.

Regarding the box, it is a flexible and robust pouch, the whole is compact so very practical for transporting on long journeys (plane for example).
On the other hand, to be always ready to film, plan a standard cover for a 7 to 10 inch tablet to slide the device mounted on its head set with your command on the wrist;).

For the camera;

- the product is well finished, good ergonomics, the buttons easily accessible during filming, the micro Sd and usb access are clear.

For the most important part, the video;

The device will be rather effective with good external light, which seems good for sportsmen and nature lovers,

Unfortunately I am not an athlete and I live in Normandy ...
With a fairly gray weather, rain and I use this camera to give driving demonstrations for learners to drive.

It would be very nice if you add the options related to this concern in the application which is not competing;

- Adjustment of contracts
- brightness
- why no filters too
- access not web manager from a pc

there is the adjustment of the sensitivity of the cmos but it is not sufficient for my use.

Of course I am satisfied, to have a device in view in the first person, it is a very practical tool to provide my students with commented driving demonstrations, which give them a real boost to progress and prepare for the exam.

I am sure that with your motivations you will find something to amaze me at ORDRO.

I therefore put 4 stars (I keep 1 for your future progress)

Best regards.

Really nice camera

This camcorder was a gift for my almost 8-year-old son. Take it out of the box and it's ready to go. It comes with an extra battery as well as an SD card and card reader/USB so it's basically everything you need in one box. I'd probably suggest extra storage if you're going to be filming a lot but otherwise, it's a great camera for first-timers.

Budget camcorder that's decent for the price

For the price this is selling at, this is a decent camcorder. The infrared night vision is great and gives the best definition and clarity for this camcorder. Daytime and low light are not strong points, but would probably be great for kids learning to video and even classrooms.

Was very impressed

This 2.7k video cam recorder is nice and easy to use easy to navigate features of the camera the night vision is AWESOME!!! And picture Quality is unmatched I took it out to my hunting property and did some night videoing and wow just wow. The clearest night vision I’ve see in a small camera lets me tell you I am very impressed with the camera.
I HIGHY recommend this cam recorder

High Quality Full-Digital Handycam

This is a surprisingly small, lightweight, easy-to-operate 2.7K camcorder. It produces high-rez 1080p video (AVI), and pretty stunning 48mp photos (Jpeg). The controls are intuitive and easy to manage with one hand. This 3-inch touchscreen delivers crisp visuals. You get a 16x digital zoom, which can look pixilated at full magnification, but that’s to be expected. The cam is rechargeable and comes with 2 lithium-ion batteries.

Easy To Use, Great Image Stabilization, Good Picture & Video Quality

I really like this camera! First off, it comes very nicely packaged in a portable hard case. Inside the case they give you a good bit of accessories and even a high quality 64gb microSD card. The camera itself feels nicely made and doesn't feel cheap. There is some slight assembly required but it was very easy to figure out. The instructions are also well written and easy to follow.

Great camera

Its a good camera the one thing I do not like is I have to remove the sd card from it in order to see my content on my computer, aside from that its well worth buying.
The Christmas tree light was a 14m photo and the flowers was a 20m photo. The video of the trees was 4K 30fps, I’m not a camera expert and this is my first 4K camera. The stabilizer seems to work

The perfect camera for every occasion!

I absolutely love, love this camera! It's such a great compact size, the picture quality is beautiful, the night vision is wonderful and so neat, the sound is perfect and very clear, it's not like some that take forever to turn on and off, the lens and microphone are super easy to attach and detach and the batteries charge rather quickly and last a long time! It's a great beginner camera as well as a fun camera for those who are more advanced!

Good to recommend it

When I recieved the package was a pretty nice store case. With ordro 4k optical zoom camera, microphone, wide angle lens(macro lens) and other cable. The optical zoom and video quality is actually well. Please play back the video on TV coz the effect shows much better on TV. Good to recommend it.

Great Picture Quality

Got this to record some videos for fun for social media. It's been a fun experience learning how to use this thing and get better and recording. Making some fun videos that my friends and family have been enjoying. A great purchase!Complete accessories, super-rich!

Little Camera With Big Features

I was really surprised for how good this camera is for the price. The exterior mic picks up sound extremely well and the added bar on the back really assists with stability. I also really like how light this camera is, I can easily hold it with one hand for an extended period of time. While this isn’t a professional grade camera, it is definitely step up from simple handhelds.
I will experiment with 32 GB sd card and see if that works as well. But as of now, this camcorder does not support 128 GB sd card. At least my camcorder I received does not. But I would still recommend it.

Lot of bang for the buc.

Haven't had much time to really put it thru it's passes, but from what I have seen it will do what I need it to do. My only complaint is that I wish it came with or I could purchase a drop in charger for charging the battery. This little camcorder comes with most of the accessories that you would get from the more higher priced video cameras.
I'm very pleased,

Good for what I need.

So far this does what I need it to. I'm still new to using it and doing the things I'm using it for so there is a learning curve. I am filming craft wips for youtube. Sometimes I need a far view and sometimes I need macro. So far this is doing both. I do have trouble seeing if the picture is in focus or not due to the small screen size so this can limit my shots. Audio is clear but somewhat distant sounding so I need to try the microphone attachment but have not yet.
The packing is amazing. It's a really well designed carrying case that has a spot for almost everything and came with so many useful extras and attachments.
Overall I am happy with this purchase. Is a smart phone camera better? Possibly, dependent upon camera. Mine is. But I can't sit there recording for hours with my phone without killing the battery and other issues. But I can sit there and record for hours with the camcorder and get plenty of good video.

Great novice level, simple to use video camera.

We got this camera to film lessons for my wife's online teaching. Due to the pandemic schools were slated to be closed down for the duration, and we needed a way for her to get the students their needed class/teacher time. This camera has an immaculate picture, and with all the accessories it makes for a great streaming platform. The night vision is an added bonus for filming locations in the pitch dark. The infrared illuminator is a little weak and gives limited filming distance (clear to about 20 feet), but that can be resolved by purchasing an infrared light block and it will vastly improve your night filming capabilities. Overall a nice camera with the right amount of attachments.

Smart Watch MK20
Easy to use fashionable watch

I just got this watch, and I'm loving it so much!I am easily able to read my messages on my watch and was able to easily customize the watch face with a photo. It's been great with tracking my steps as well! I can't wait to try all the other features. So far the battery has been amazing... it has been 2 days and it's not even halfway down! Amazing!

Nice little camera night vision is great

This product is a great bang for your bucks. The screen is a bit pixelated but once the video is downloaded it has great quality. It has night vision too which is a great feature