About mobile Paypal payment process

1. Enter the shopping cart, click checkout. (As shown)

It only takes four steps to complete the payment

2. Enter the correct order address and receiving information, then enter to complete and select the next step.
3: After confirming the email and receiving the information, select the mode of transportation you want, and confirm to choose the next step.

Step 4: Select Complete Order to proceed to the next step after confirming the receiving information and mode of transportation.


4.The last step is the payment link. Select Paypal to pay and jump to the Paypal payment page.
Tip: After entering the Paypal payment page, you can choose two payment methods, choose one of them, enter the payment password, and the payment will be successful.


This is the PC payment method

1. Enter the shopping cart, click checkout. (As shown)


2. Enter the delivery address and information submitted after order confirmation.

3.In the third step, after confirming the postage and receiving information, choosing to pay will directly jump to the payment page.

4.After confirming the information, submit it to Paypal for payment.

5.Enter the payment system for payment, if not have a Paypal account to pay by credit card can be directly.