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Ottimo prodotto

Prodotto che fa egregiamente il suo lavoro. Consigliato sopra tutto a chi come me non riesce a registrare guardando in uno schermo.

ORDRO NP180 Camcorder Battery
laurence RODRIGUEZ
Good battery

I m angry because i must pain en France customs and fées taxes for your battery


I use in my clinic for my lectures. Close range focus and zoom from my phone is very suitable

It finally arrived.

It took a while longer than expected but it arrived today. All good, as expected. Very satisfied with the purchase.

Fantastic Camera

Camera arrived and immediately tested...Easy and intuitive, now i Will try It on excursions to Etna

Just experimenting it yet, but looks like the stuff I just wanted :)

Super quality video

I am staggered at the quality and usability of this camera even going from very light areas to very dark areas there is no problem and depth of field is incredible. The only slight problems are the headband is a bit big and wobbly as the camera is quite heavy, and the app doesn’t connect very easily. It also picks up a lot of wind noise so an external mic port would be great. Otherwise this is a great little camera

Amazing hands free camera

This very compact little Ordro EP8 FPV head mounted camera is excellent for making content when you need both hands free. The picture quality is amazing and it’s really comfortable to wear. The only down side is that the head attachment is a bit fiddly to attach to the Ordro but otherwise I am really happy with it.

Excellent service from ORDRO,

I ordered two batteries for my video camera and got them ahead of time specified

ORDRO EP7 - 4/5

The camera is well built and the App functions great.

At first it seemed that the battery life is too short but after a few rechargings it got better.

The photo quality is bad. The autofocus should be better.
The sound could be better. When you close the door of a car there is a specific sound that doesn't sound good. If you drive and record and the car windows are down you can hear cracking sound similar to the sound of the doors closing. The camera is sensitive to too much light or dark. It would be useful to put a battery power indicator on the device. The indicator could have 4 or 5 bars.

I had to format the memory card twice and later the problem disappeared. If you record in 4K the videos will be in 5 minute segments. I recommend recording in 1080p 30fps because it seems there is no much difference between 1080p and 4K.

If you record in 1080p the video segments will be 20 minutes.

I had to contact the ORDRO to disassemble the headband because the instructions weren't clear. They responded a bit later than I expected but I am glad that they responded at all.

Overall EP7 is a good camera if you don't have big expectations. That doesn't mean the camera is bad.

Top Quality

Top quality batteries, customer services and so fast on the shipping.
I will definitely be dealing directly with this company again.

ORDRO HDR-AC5 Vlogging 4K Camcorder Kit

Finally decided to buy the camera on, but I had to purchase a new external Mic and charging unit for the battery, (which are built cheaply. Other than that the camera itself show a great picture. It's got many differant functions that I still have yet to test.I had to download the user manual for better reading ability. So, I'm waiting on the external mic to arrive so I can take it out and do some filming and take a few pictures.

ORDRO NP120 Camcorder Battery / Lithium Battery Charger

ORDRO AX60 3.5 Inch IPS Touch Screen 4K Video Cameras Kit

Quality Camera, used for Professional presentation '

An excellent accompaniment

ORDRO Lens Hood
Michael Fraser

Very happy with the Lens hood as with my new Ep8

ORDRO CM520 Microphone Camcorder

Video Camera 4K Camcorder Ultra HD 28MP 64X Digital Zoom Camera for YouTube IR Light Live Streaming Wifi Camera ORDRO HDR-AZ50

Received well packed quickly

So enjoy every thing was perfect thanks

Works good. Happy with the camera

I'm using the camera while riding my electrical unicycle. Designed and 3D printed fixture for it. So far no issues, it works great. Light and robust.

Ordro 7

When filming a video, it gets surprisingly warm for 1/2 hour, why?


Excellent service ,would highly recommend

Best Portable Video Camera

Hands-Free and easy to use. I love it. Wish I would have bought one sooner. And I love the clarity of the 4k videos and the in-app features that make editing and sharing videos so easy that I don’t even need a computer. The Ordro EP8 is definitely worth the money, trust me, you’ll thank me later.

batteria e carica batteria perfettamente funzionante grazie