How to choose a suitable camcorder for the wedding?

Nowadays, more and more people like to record their wedding as a souvenir, and are willing to share the beauty and happiness of marriage on social media such as Facebook or Instagram, so it is more appropriate to choose a high-definition video camera.

This time we chose an optical zoom camera, the Ordro 4K Camcorder AX60. The advantage of this camera is that the optical zoom is adjusted through the optical lens, which is lossless.

Q:What is an optical zoom?

A: Optical zoom is used to zoom in/out of the object being photographed by changing the focal length of the lens.

For example, the camera lens is 10 meters away from the object to be photographed, and the original focal length of the lens is 1.5 meters.

When you increase the zoom, the focal length is automatically extended, and the object to be photographed will be clearly enlarged without any blurriness.This is just like the human eye looking at the photographed object.

When the zoom is increased, it is like the human body moving in the direction of the photographed object. Then the natural object will gradually become larger and clearer.

When the optical zoom of the AX60 4K Video Camera is matched with the 3.15-inch large touch screen, coupled with the 4K resolution, you can not only use your fingers to better operate the function menu on the screen, but also the visual effect is amazing.

For this reason, the AX60 4K Camcorder is great for weddings or other scenes that require clear shots.Another reason to recommend the AX60 Camcorder is that it allows you to pause the video at any time during recording, and when you restart the video it will automatically reconnect to the previous video without interrupting the entire recording.

This feature is great for video editing and is really a good camcorder to have.
Of course, the camera can also be used in many more scenarios. You can use it with LED light, microphone, wide-angle mirror and other accessories. Here  you can get an all-purpose VCR for the price of an air conditioner.

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