Recommended Camcorders for Vlogging

How to Become a Vlogger
Now it’s time to plan what you’re going to vlog about. Will your vlog relate to health and wellness, travel or tech? Whatever the topic, it should be something you’re passionate about.
You aren’t limited to one subject or theme, but know that vlogs in a particular niche are going to attract more loyal and dedicated followers. The most successful vloggers are genuine, passionate, and often funny or thought-provoking. A vlog is a great platform to let your true personality shine. Don’t try to be something you’re not in your vlog – it will show.
Being yourself is key but it can be helpful to write a script for your blog. This helps save you a lot of editing later. Sketch out your shots for your B-roll instead of trying to make whatever footage you have work at the last minute

Vlogging Camera
Look for a camera that records in at least 1080p High Definition. If budget is no concern, spring for a camera that can record in 4K. Other features to look for in a camera:
• Microphone and Headphones Ports (or highly-reviewed in-camera capabilities)
• Fully-Articulating LCD Screen (or the ability to easily connect to a monitor)
• Decent Video Clip Lengths (most cameras have 30 minute clip lengths – long enough for the average vlogging scene)
• Offers a Large Lens Selection (easier to find the lens you want in your budget)

Microphones for Vlogging
A microphone is essential to avoid distracting background noise. You can find a camera-mounted shotgun mic in a variety of prices to fit your budget. If you don’t want to invest in a microphone, consider renting one on an as-needed basis.

Microphones built into cameras are not typically powerful enough to pick up clean sound from a distance. They are ok for small spaces but if you’re doing an exercise vlog or a travel vlog, it will be hard to pick up clean sound.

For most vloggers, a supercardiod shotgun mic is a good choice because it picks up audio patterns from one direction, which helps eliminate distracting sounds around you. Just point it in the direction of your subject.
Vlog Lighting
Lighting can make all the difference in how professional your vlog looks, so ensure you’re well lit before you hit record. If you’re shooting your vlog indoors, natural light is a great resource but it can be inconsistent.

Put your camera in manual mode so that it doesn’t try to change exposure automatically mid-scene. Illuminate yourself or your subject with daylight-balanced continuous lighting, like that found in many LED systems. Ring lights are particularly popular for their even coverage and easy-to-setup design.

I think this ORDRO AC5 4K video camera is an excellent YouTube vlogging camcorder

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