The Best Vlogging Camera for Kids ORDRO HDV- AE7

  • Type of Camera

The first thing is to look at is the type of camera that you should get for your kid. It depends on the style and requirements of your kid.

If your kid wants to only record videos, then go for a camcorder. However, if he or she is interested in shooting videos as well as capturing images, then you should buy a digital camera.

  • Video Quality

Nowadays, kids’ vlogging cameras have HD video quality ranging from 720p to 4K . Not only will your kids have fun using high-quality cameras, but their audience will also be captivated as well!

  • Type of Batteries

Some cameras come with rechargeable batteries, while others come with replaceable ones. If your kid is five years old or younger, then it is not a good idea to get a vlogging camera with rechargeable batteries.

You can get cameras with replaceable batteries to keep your kids away from the main power supply.

However, in case you get a rechargeable one, then make sure that you charge the batteries yourself or let the kids do it under adult supervision.

  • Remote Control

Nowadays, digital video cameras for vlogging come with a remote control. With their help, you can easily capture self-portraits, pictures, shoot videos, etc. without the need to touch the camera.

Remote controlled cameras are great for kids since there is less chance of them dropping the camera on the ground and damaging it.

They can place the camera and then shoot safely from a distance.

  • Weight

Make sure that the camera you buy is lightweight and portable. Accessories such as neck straps, carrying bags, mounting clips, etc. are advantageous as well.And the ORDRO HDR-AE7 is only $70 gigabytes, so it's very lightweight

  • Durability

Look for cameras that have a durable and sturdy build. It is very likely that your kid will drop the camera multiple times. Therefore, the camera you get should be built in a way to handle shocks.

  • Versatility

You never know what kind of conditions your kid is going to shoot in. You should get a camera that works perfectly in all kinds of weather conditions without compromising the video quality.

  • Ease of Use

You can’t expect your 10-year old to be capable of using a professional DSLR, now can you?

When you are buying a camera for your kid, make sure that it is easy to use and handle. The simpler the controls are, the happier your kid will be!

 Kids cameras always come with essential mounting accessories. These accessories make it very easy for them to use and handle the camera.

  • Affordable

There is a high probability that your kid will break the camera you get for them. Therefore, you shouldn’t get a very expensive model which you can’t replace in case of damage.

You should look for a camera that has excellent features and comes at an affordable price tag.

Further more, you need to keep in mind that a high price tag doesn’t mean high quality as well. So the ORDRO HDR-AE7 is only $70.

The video camera on the list for best vlogging camera for kids is the ORDRO HDR-AE7

It is a vlog camera perfect for use by kids who are 9 years old or more. It has innovative and advanced features that make it an enticing choice.

It has a high resolution, and you can shoot HD quality, 2.7K (30fps) videos with this vlogging camera. The sound quality is great and crisp with the help of the
It has an IPS screen. Furthermore, the camera has an image stabilizer that helps you create a stable, high-quality video.

It has zoom and can zoom up to 16 times with the help of the digital zoom.

It can even shoot in low light conditions. What more can you ask for, right?


  • Durable
  • Compact
  • High Resolution
  • 8M CMOS Sensor
  • 16 GB SD card
  • Excellent Battery Timing
  • Clear Audio

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